GrowForce is a proprietary software platform developed by MJardin to provide valuable information for our partners and manage the process of cultivating plants. Built from the ground up and engineered for MJardin’s exact specifications, GrowForce is able to track the life cycle of a plant’s cultivation process from propagation to flower to harvest to trim/cure to wholesale packaging. It is also able to provide estimated yield data and provide product inventory management. Any instrument that helps a company stay ahead of the game in this rapidly changing industry is imperative, and GrowForce definitely provides MJardin’s partners with this mechanism.

Some of the key features of GrowForce include:

  • Work order scheduling and tracking
  • Inventory tracking for both current product and product coming down the pipeline
  • Strain layout within the cultivation facility
  • Scheduling the transfer/pick-up of inventory
  • Creates internal controls to ensure consistency and cultivation accountability

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